Prontofresco - Cooked Mixed Peppers #6012 (800g)


Greci Prontofresco

Red and yellow peppers, of selected quality, cooked with fresh onion, tomato. Excellent as a side dish.

Saving of resources: Compared to the preparation made starting from fresh peppers, this product allows a considerable saving of time (the cleaning of peppers from the filaments and seeds) and of labor, with the advantage of a total absence of waste and drop.

Ingredients: Pepper, onion, triple tomato concentrate, sunflower oil, sugar, water, salt, pepper, acidity regulator: citric acid.
Dietary: Gluten Free, No Artificial Flavours or Colours, Vegan, Vegetarian
Preparation instructions: Just heat the product in a pan.
Storage Instructions: Before opening: keep in a cool and dry place. After opening: keep the product at refrigeration temperature in suitable hygienic conditions, the peppers covered with oil, closed with a lid and consume within 2-3 days.
Ideal for: Antipasti, Side dish, Bruschetta & Pasta.
Origin: Italy