Prontofresco - Porcini & Porcinelli #6219 (800g)


Greci Prontofresco

Porcini & Porcinelli

Porcini mushrooms and boletus luetus mushrooms, cut into slices and sautéed with a dressing of oil and aromatic plants, with cream. They are ideal to accompany polenta dishes, first courses and as a side dish.

Boleti mushrooms, chosen by size and level of ripeness: for this product young porcini (small caliber) with a firm consistency are used, processed keeping them whole and mushrooms (boleto luteo), of medium size and appropriate level of ripeness, cut into slices . The use of the expertly balanced mix allows to obtain an ideal product result in terms of flavor and yield.

Delicate recipe: these mushrooms are prepared with a trifolatura performed with parsley, garlic and oil, pleasant but very delicate, to give the product a wide versatility of use.

High yield: the trifolatura emulsion, visible in the product as it is and which is reabsorbed by heating it, is composed of chopped porcini mushroom and oil (frozen raw material) and favours the use of the product in application (in particular if used as a seasoning ), optimising the yield; this product is ready to use and guarantees a high yield.

Product Specifications

Ingredients: Mixed boiled mushrooms (porcini mushrooms: Boletus edulis and related group, Yellow Porcinello: Suillus luteus, Sunflower oil, aromatic plants, salt, spices, yeast extract ,flavours, acidity regulator: citric acid, antioxidant: L-ascorbic acid.
Dietary: Gluten Free, No Artificial Colours, Vegan, Vegetarian.
Storage Instructions: Before opening: Keep in a cool and dry place.
After opening: Keep the product at refrigeration temperature in suitable hygienic conditions and consume within 2 - 3 days.
Ideal for: Pizza, Brushetta, Fish
Origin: Italy