Pasta Zini

Category: Pasta
Founded: 1956
Origin: Cesano Boscone, Milan, Italy

Why Pasta Zini?

  • Freshness & Quality: Cooked and frozen almost instantly containing all of the pastas organoleptic properties. Using 100% Italian durum wheat semolina.
  • Production Time: Cooked and ready to serve in only 2+ minutes, in a pan, pot or oven.
  • Portion Control: Helps to reduce wastage and water usage. Rush Hour Management – Where kitchen staff may be allocated to higher-value and more skilled tasks.


It all started in 1956, when Euride Zini founded a small pasta factory in the heart of Milan. It was authentic fresh pasta, prepared with top quality, natural and fresh ingredients, ready to be eaten or frozen. In line with this tradition, in 1978, processes were innovated: Zini became the first company in the world to freeze fresh pasta. For product conservation Zini exclusively uses one single natural element: the cold.

Zini produces, cooks and freezes its products in a very short time, in order to have a long-term preservation of its flavour and naturalness. This way it is possible to eliminate all conservation processes like steam pasteurisation and modified atmosphere packaging (with CO2), that are essential to preserve the so called "fresh" products that you find in the refrigerated counter.