Neri Sottoli


Category: Vegetables & Antipasti
Founded: 1947    
Origin: Lamporecchio, Tuscany, Italy

Why Neri?
  • Quality Control: Over the years, Neri have implemented control systems resulting from the deep knowledge they achieved with their particular needs, starting from the specifically designed software programs that allow them to regularly monitor each manufacturing phase. Ensuring the highest quality performance.
  • Care for the Land: In 2017, Neri set up a water purification plant using the most advanced ultra-filtration technologies allowing them to cut down processing waste and reduce the impact of their activity on the environment.
  • Selection of Produce: Neri are renowned for their ability to analyse and test the performance and quality of their products. It is for this reason, that they are able to select and source products from their most suitable origin. Whether it be artichokes from Puglia or Olives from Tuscany, Neri will source, analyse and provide, proudly knowing that the product has past all of its performance measures.


The story of Neri begins in the heart of Tuscany, when the company started to process the most precious fruit of this land, olives. Today, 70 years after that first step, Neri are the leaders in the production of quality products in oil, pickles and sauces. The family, guardian of the founding values of corporate activities, keeps promoting the Tuscan tradition of high-quality food. New technologies to control each step of the manufacturing process are the guarantee of the maintenance of high-quality standards. Thanks to the combination of tradition and innovation, Neri can always propose new delicious recipes that preserve its authentic taste. Care and passion are at the soul of their products.