Greci Prontofresco


Category: Tomatoes & Sauces, Vegetables & Antipasti 

Founded: 1923                                                   
Origin: Parma, Italy

Why Greci Prontofresco?

  • Ready to use: Cooked, Cut, Marinated, and packed ready to serve
  • Consistency: Every product, every dish is prepared identically.


Greci Industria Alimentare was established in Parma (Italy) in 1923 by Geremia Greci as a tomato processing company. Giuseppe Greci and his sons created the current company in 1966. A few decades have passed but Giorgio and Gilberto still running the activity with the same passion from day one. It is a long history of passion for good food, human relationships and a great respect for tradition. ‘Prontofresco’ is the brand which the company has always marked its special preparations; today it is the brand chosen by Italian food operators and offers 300 top quality products, a quality that is constant, true and guaranteed. Prontofresco products are ideal as appetisers, in a risotto or pasta sauces, as pizza toppings or to garnish main courses.

Situated in Parma, Greci is located in the heart of the Italian Food Valley. Since 1923, Greci has been committed to the transformation of tomatoes into pulp and concentrates. This long history of experience has given rise to a passion for quality. The Greci line consists of products that have been specifically designed for restaurants, luxury hotels and catering centres.