Delverde Pasta



Category: Pasta 
Founded: 1967   
Origin: Fara San Martino, Apulia, Italy 

Why Delverde?

  • Purity of water: Water sourced from the Verde River in Fara San Martino. Free of colour, taste and smell. Naturally cold at 8 degrees Celsius.
  • Purity in Grain: Completely natural, no preservatives.
  • Production: Traditional production methods, extruded through bronze die. Slowly dried at low temperatures to maintain all of the wheat’s properties.


Since the beginning Delverde has been guided by its own special mission: to blend the experience of ancient traditions with the advantages of modern technology in order to create products that are both natural and of the highest quality. Delverde Pasta is made with pure, natural spring water and select durum wheat and is produced according to ancient traditions. It is slowly dried at low temperatures to fully maintain all of the wheat's natural properties. It is in the natural quality of its ingredients that the secret of goodness and unique taste lies. Many of Delverde's lines are also Kosher/organic certified.

Captured at the mountain's core and filtered by non-contaminated 7-million-year-old rocks from the pleistocene, the water we use to make our pasta is not only extremely pure but naturally cold at 8 degrees Celsius. Completely free of colour, taste or smell the water is the perfect ingredient to preserve the quality and unique taste profile of the wheat. Related Brands: Rosso Gargano, Pronto Fresco Ideal for: Restaurants, Pizzerias, Cafes, Catering, Hotels, Retail Grocers